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The Duke

The Duke

Welcome to The Dog Proof Trapper.

This is a website by a trapper for other trappers and for people that want to know more about trapping and animal damage control (ADC).

Why dog proofs? Well, they are affordable, easy to set, and fun. The main thing I like about them is they are safe around kids and pets. If you live in a urban area or where there are loved hunting dogs like I do there is no better trap to use. They are safe around most domestic animals. We believe that in todays society, protection of our pets in the upmost importance. We accomplish our trapping goals with dog proof traps and kill proof snares.

There are many variations that can be used in different situations. Got a field? Throw a DP down. A log on a creek? Use one of the Freedom brands with the screw in mount attached to the log. In the barn around kids and pups? Perfect situation.

This is going to be an all out honest place for trappers and the public to come and be who they really are. God fearing, fur chasing, USA loving, outdoor living people with lots to learn and lots to share. This is a work of a dreamer and an entrepreneur. I look forward to building this site and gaining knowledge and most importantly, the friendships of others .



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