Today’s Catch


Welcome to tales from the trap line. A ongoing story of success and failure in the life a  weekend hobby trapper. 

1.18.16  Just wanted to give everyone an update on my trap line results from today. Would you believe a big fat zero? I am on a new piece of property made up of about 5 acres of logging roads and old home places here in the mountains of Sevier County. I had several Duke DP’s set out along the road where trails were intersecting down towards the creek. I had also set up three on the site of an old trailer directly opposite of the creek. Plenty of sign there, just need to wait it out and let the sets work. Many of you have asked what bait I use in my DP’s and it varies by location and temperature. If I am trapping new territory, I usually start off with dog food with a good squirt of fish oil in the trap and around the area leading up the trail. Sometimes in cold weather I switch to something loud smelling like sardines. This is a great alternative because you can buy them for cheap at stores, keep them in your trapping bag until use and they never go bad. Some people swear by marshmallows. It really all depends on the trapper and the location.

The weather here has turned bitterly cold with a low of 9 degrees forecasted for tonight. I doubt that I will get a lot of action with the dog food but I am going to let the sets sit awhile since its new property. These Dukes seem to be a pretty robust trap. The set tool that I bought makes them easy to set and the staking choices are endless. You can use metal rebar or attach with a wire to trees nearby. I usually use rebar for the simple fact of me not putting many traps in at one time. If I was running a long line, I would suggest the wire setup. I have notices that the green OD green paint comes off fairly easy once they are in the weather awhile. I am going to paint these white in the future of better eye appeal.

I hope everyone’s trapping season is going well. Be sure and share this site with others. Upcoming videos and an online store or in the future.

2.18.16  Well today was a good and bad one. I caught 2 squirrels and a possum in the dog proof traps. Squirrels! Who knew?  The letdown was the huge catch circle I found with the trap and stake missing……..I honestly think it was a fox or bobcat. A coon couldn’t have done this.IMG_0850 I broke a cardinal rule in trapping. I didn’t check my traps on my 24 hour schedule like I usually do and this this catch got away. Live and learn I suppose. I was using sardines for bait which seems to have really upped the catch since all this cold weather and snow. This weekend is supposed to be spring like and in the sixties so hopefully I will redeem myself. I also bought some AuSable disposable stakes and swivels, hoping to alleviate the pull out issue of the rebar. Another day in the life of this trapper.


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