Lures and Baits


Introducing English Mountain Lures. We make our lures and baits especially for the dog proof trappers out there with only the most natural ingredients and essential oils. All our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

English Mountain, TN is famous for it’s raccoon and bear hunting as well as self reliant living. We want to make it famous for trapping too!


 Lures and Baits


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dpd     DP Dynamite: specially formulated for dog proof traps, this corn based paste bait is accented with molasses and various sweet oils that make Mr. Coon stand up and take note. Put just enough to make the animal reach the trigger and put a little on the lip of the trap for an explosive catch rate that will be sure to surprise you.

Purchase via Paypal       16oz        $6.00

mbc       Mini Bear Crunch: This all season dry bait is a candy/cracked corn/dog food mix. Its sweet with an irresistible smell that coons love. Cracked corn and dog food is added for protein to use late season. Includes powdered flavorings to enhance the base products. Attracts coons with a variety of smells and tastes! Good for use in cage traps as well as dog proofs.

Purchase via Paypal       16oz        $8.00

image1    Old Crow Coon Lure: this is a food call lure that has hints of fall fruits and makes them a little frisky all at the same time. It has a very loud, sweet odor that produces a very alluring lure to early season raccoon. It works very well around areas where pets are a concern.  This liquid lure is excellent at pocket sets and used in dogproofs on top of your favorite bait. Thick liquid consistency.

Purchase via Paypal   1oz       $5.00