Trapping and Predator Control Services


For those of you that reside in the East Tennessee area*, we provide trapping and predator control services to farmers and landowners.

We use dog proof traps for raccoons and opossums as well as no kill snares and traps for other animals. All traps conform to TWRA guidelines. The animals can be relocated or dispatched. No dispatching of the animal will be done on your property unless discussed beforehand.

What are the costs? 
There is a $150 initial setup fee which includes all trap placements and thorough review of your predator issues. After setup, the charge is $50 per animal caught. If you do not reside in Sevier county there is a .54 cent per mile rate for roundtrip travel.

How long does it take to catch an animal?
It really depends on the animal! Some jobs may take only a day or two to complete (such as cage trapping raccoons in a suburban yard), while more complex projects such as predator work over many acres of land may take weeks.

What kinds of traps are used?
Dog Proof or cage traps are commonly used for most species including squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, and opossums. Snares are put into place for coyotes because these predators are too wary and will not enter enclosed cages.

What do you do with the problem animals?
State law requires captive nuisance animals to be euthanized, however this is done off-site in most cases, and always humanely. Often, these animals get utilized into our fur, lure and bait products.

How can I prevent future wildlife problems?

Again this depends on the species that is causing problems. Raccoons, opossums, and skunks can be discouraged by keeping pet food and garbage secured, and most importantly, never purposely feed them as this creates bad habits and causes them to lose their fear of people. Larger predators such as coyotes and bobcats can be harder to control especially if damage is happening over large tracts of land with livestock. Many ranchers have actually taken to keeping donkeys in their fields, because donkeys are aggressive towards predators and have been known to trample coyotes on sight!

* Sevier, Cocke or Jefferson counties

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